Marcus E. Milling, Executive Director

American Geological Institute

Marcus Milling is Executive Director of the American Geological Institute, headquartered in Alexandria, Virginia. He has over 20-years experience in the upstream oil and gas industry. He is an Exxon Alumnus on receiving his Ph.D. from the University of Iowa he joined Exxon Production Research Company in 1968. Here he contributed as an individual research and research supervisor with responsibilities for both exploration and production technologies. He also worked in Exxon's domestic exploration and production line operation groups in south Texas and New Orleans.

In 1980 he accepted the position of General Manager of ARCO's Geological Research Group at their central R&D facility in Plano, Texas. He subsequently served as ARCO's Chief Geologist and Manager of their Exploration Staff.

In 1987 Marcus joined the University of Texas at Austin as Associate Director of the Bureau of Economic Geology. At the Bureau he was responsible for coordinating their oil and gas industry consortia programs and environmental and water resource investigations.

In 1992 he took leave from the University to accept the position of Executive Director of the American Geological Institute. The Institute is an umbrella organization serving some 32 member geoscience societies with over 100,000 members. He is responsible for directing the Institute's geoscience information, education, publication, and government affairs programs.

Marcus is active in a number of geoscience professional organizations. He has served as Vice Chair of the Offshore Technology Conference's Board of Directors, was a member of the U.S. Department of Energy's Research Advisory Board on Solid Earth Sciences and was a past Councilor on the Geological Society of America.

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