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2000 AGI Geoscience Associate's Conference


Promoting the Geosciences to Decision-Makers and the Public

The mission of the Associates program of the American Geological Institute serves the wider geoscience community by fostering improved communication between academia, private industry, and government.  The goals of the program are to increase the effective public presence of the geosciences, help ensure a sufficient stream of well-trained geoscientists are available to support societal needs, and provide a forum for the dissemination of ideas between the various geoscience sectors.  A key event of the Associates Program is the AGI Geoscience Associates Conference.  This meeting brings together leaders from industry, academia, and government for focused presentations, reviews, and discussions concerning the major issues facing the geoscience community.

The host of this year’s Conference is the U.S. Geological Survey and the theme is Promoting the Geosciences to Decision Makers and the Public. The Conference will consist of three parts: 

1. Sessions for presentation by distinguished leaders in the geosciences concerning case studies and issues of effectively promoting the geosciences; 

2. A tour of the U.S. Geological Survey National Center, providing an opportunity for members from around the geoscience community to learn about and experience the activities of the Nation's preeminent geoscience agency;

3. Working groups will be formed to discuss in detail specific issues and develop action plans for addressing these problems and implementing solutions.

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