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Tour of the USGS
American Geological Institute
2000 AGI Geoscience Associate's Conference
U.S. Geological Survey Tour

On day two of the AGI Academic-Corporate Associates Conference, the U.S. Geological Survey will host a half-day tour of their National Center. The objective is to demonstrate the science and activities of the U.S.'s preeminent geoscience federal agency.

March 20
7:00 am
Hotel shuttles depart to USGS
8:00am Overview of the U.S. Geological Survey Patrick Leahy, USGS
Center for Integrated Natural Disaster Information (CINDI)
USGS Library-an international resource
Posters and Demonstrations
Anthropogenic trace-metals extraction from sediments of two U.S. urban reservoirs Kathryn Conko and Ted Callender
Effect of floods and recovering aquatic vegetation on surface and subsurface storage processes of a contaminated Arizona stream Judson Harvey
Sediment transport and storage in the coastal plain along tributaries to the Chesapeake Bay Michael Shening and Cliff Hupp
Inhibition of acetoclastic methanogenesis by crude oil from Bemidji, Minnesota Ean Warren, Barbara Bekins and Michael Godsy
Overview of Middle East Water Resources: Water Resources of Palestinian, Jordanian, Israeli Interest USGS, Jordanian Ministry of Water and Irrigation, Palestinian Water Authority and the Israeli Hydrological Service
Freshwater-Saltwater Interactions along the Atlantic Coast: A regional assessment of the Ground-water Resources Program of the USGS
Invasive Species: Changing the Landscape of America National Biological Information Infrastructure
Geo Data Explorer (GEODE) Marc Levine
Comparison of geomorphic and isotopic measurements for erosion in Rio Puerco Basin, New Mexico Milan Pavich
National Geologic Map Database: Your Link to Geologic Information David Soller
Long-term Florida Bay Salinity History: Multi-proxy evidence from sediment cores Lynn Brewster-Wingard
The Impact of Coal Use on Human Health Robert Finkelman
USGS Minerals Information Keith Harris
Global Mineral Resource Assessment Project Klaus Schultz
Se and As in clay deposits in the southeast U.S. Nora Foley
The USGS Urban Dynamics Research Program
Science for Safer and Healthier Communities: a USGS Congressional Briefing Series
9:30 am Using classified assets in unclassified science Darrell G. Herd, USGS