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2001 AGI Geoscience Associate's Conference

Breakout Group #4 Report

Christine Ando ExxonMobil

Lee AveryWest Virginia Geological Survey

Dave Groves Newmont Mining

Katie Kellerlynn Geological Society of America

Brian Lock University of Louisiana, Lafayette

Arthur Slyvester University of California, Santa Barbara

Scope of Breakout

      Funding field courses and trips

      Cost impact to students

      University liability

      Out-of-state tuition charges for field camp

      Decreasing enrollments in field camps and courses

Breakout Tool Whats Working, Whats Not Working?

Whats Working

Whats Not Working Well

      Creative/flexible field settings

      Self insurance by universities

      Students directed to schools that provide field training

      Costs passed on to students as a lab charge for field trips Promoting the field experience early and often

      Industry and government internships

      Alumni funding drives specifically for field training

      Field Loss-Prevention programs

      Field-camp clearinghouses, i.e. newsletters, web sites

      Consistent access to field locations

      Schools that dont require field training

      Universities unwilling to give up control of field experience

      Continuing professional education

      Funding for graduate field training

      Not enough field internships

      Sharing of Best Practices among universities, e.g. creative funding, flexible environments, recruiting methods, loss-control statistics and programs

      Capitalizing on renewed industry experience

Team Recommendations

1.      Develop forums for communicating field-training Best Practices as they apply to:

      Sources for funds to defray the cost of field camps and courses;

      Optimal cost structures for field camps, e.g. what works best for the customer (the student) and the vendor;

      Keeping records of field injuries and accidents in order to develop proactive Loss-prevention programs;

      Ways to mitigate, transfer or insure field liabilities; and

      Field course content/architecture.

It was suggested that GSA hold a field-camp forum or session at its annual meeting and that AGI develop a web page dedicated to the sharing of information pertaining to field camps and field courses for undergraduates, graduate students and professionals.

2.      In addition to field camp and undergraduate field-methods courses, provide:

      Industry-sponsored and subsidized field excursions for students;

      Society-sponsored excursions for students (increase awareness among students);

      More industry (petroleum, mining, engineering, consulting) and government-sponsored (federal, state and local) internships for students;

      Space for students and faculty from other universities in field courses and camps;

      More opportunities for undergraduates to assist graduate students with fieldwork.

3.      Use the field experience to increase enrollment, funding and acceptance of field training by:

      Taking key stakeholders (university administrators, industry supporters, landowners, and alumni) on field excursions; and

      Including non-majors (with possible emphasis on Education majors) and young prospects on field excursions.



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