Geoscience Data Repositories in ARKANSAS


U.S. Army Corps of Engineers

Little Rock District
Geotechnical Branch
Core Repository
P.O. Box 867
Little Rock, AR 72203

Contact: Mark Harris, Geologist
501/324-6908 (FAX) 

Type of Repository: Public - Federal
Catalog and Index Type: paper

Quantity of Holdings:

Geographic Areas of Holdings: Comments:
The repository has limited representative samples of rock core from projects within the Little Rock district. They are located in a storage building in Fort Chaffee, Arkansas. There is no staff and very little organization concerning the storage facility. All core is NX, NQ, HQ, or 6 x 7.5, and was retrieved for geotechnical-engineering purposes.

Arkansas Geological Commission

3815 West Roosevelt Road
Little Rock, AR 72204

Contact: William V. Bush, Director and State Geologist
501/663-7360 (FAX)

Data Center Staff Size: 10
Type of Repository: Public - State
Catalog and Index Type: paper
Data Delivery Media: paper

Quantity of Holdings:

Center Services Provided: core/sample services

Geographic Areas of Holdings, by type and media:

This is a state geological survey and its information is open-file.