Geoscience Data Repositories in DELAWARE

Delaware Geological Survey

University of Delaware
DGS Building
Newark, DE 19716-7501

Contact: Dr. Kelvin W. Ramsey
302/831-3579 (FAX) 

Type of Repository: Public - State/Local
Data Access Fee: none
Catalog and Index Type: paper, digital, fiche
Data Retrieval: on-line
Data Delivery Media: paper, on-line, mail out, FAX

Quantity of Holdings:

Geographic Areas of Holdings, by type and media: Comments:
The principal service of the Delaware Geological Survey (DGS) is to provide access to data of most types listed. Some contracting for projects. Responses refer to Delaware and Atlantic OCS. DGS holds essentially all public Atlantic OCS material in DGS/MMS Atlantic Core and Sample Repository. DGS provides access to collections and repositories without charge as well as advisement based on existing knowledge. DGS holdings onshore are principally water, and environmentally related. Significant interpretation is necessary.