Geoscience Data Repositories in IOWA

Geological Survey Bureau

Iowa Department of Natural Resources
109 Trowbridge Hall
Iowa City, IA 52242-1319

Contact: Raymond Anderson, Supervisor, Geological and Mineral Resources Section
319/335-2754 (FAX)

Type of Repository: Public - State/Local
Data Access Fee: per search
Catalog and Index Type: paper, digital, CD-ROM
Data Retrieval: in-line, GIS and ftp service
Data Delivery Media: paper, on-line, mail out

Quantity of Holdings:

Center Services Provided: staff research, interpretation, data packages

Geographic Areas of Holdings, by type and media:

The Geological Survey Bureau has logs and about 25,000 sample sets from Iowa wells. Sample sets and core splits are available for approved research projects. Paper copies of logs and other data are available at a nominal cost. Select digital data on well stratigraphy, lithology, and water production information are available at a nominal cost.