Geoscience Data Repositories in ILLINOIS

Illinois State Geological Survey Division

Department of Natural Resources
615 East Peabody Drive
Champaign, IL 61820-6964

Contact:  William Shilts, Chief
217/333-4747 (Information Office)
217/333-5109 (Geological Records Unit)
217/333-2830 (FAX) 

Data Center Staff Size: 12
Type of Repository: Public - State/Local
Data access fee: for custom well maps
Catalog and Index Type: paper, digital, CD-ROM, sample sets, drill cores
Data Delivery Media: paper, CD-ROM, mail out, fax

Quantity of Holdings:

Center Services Provided: core/sample services, geochemistry, scanning/digitizing, paleo picks, petrography, seismic processing, staff research, interpretation, bibliographic searches

Geographic Areas of Holdings, by type and media:

Comments: Services listed above can be provided on an as-requested basis to the public. Visitors may view records and receive assistance from the staff in many ways. Research projects are carried out to assist Illinois residents, companies, and the general interests of the State of Illinois. Requests for information are welcome. Requests that will take more than two days of staff time to complete may require negotiation of a contractual agreement. Graduate students pursuing research topics in Illinois geological topics may receive a wide range of assistance in return for a copy of their thesis and other conditions.

Illinois Oil and Gas Association

P.O. Box 788
Mt. Vernon, IL 62864

Contact: Lelan Russell, Executive Vice President
608/242-3418 (FAX)

Data Center Staff Size: 2
Type of Repository: Public - State/Local; Private - Membership, Association
Data access fee: membership dues, other
Catalog and Index Type: paper, fiche
Data Delivery Media: paper

Quantity of Holdings:

Center Services Provided: some limited staff research, library

Geographic Areas of Holdings, by type and media: