Geoscience Data Repositories in KANSAS

Geoscience Data Resources

Kansas Geological Survey
1930 Constant Avenue
Lawrence, KS 66047

Contact: Susan Bolton, Manager
913/864-5317 (FAX) 

Data Center Staff Size: 4
Type of Repository: Public - State/Local, Academia
Data Access Fee: $0.10 per page photocopy charge
Catalog and Index Type: paper, CD-ROM, fiche
Data Retrieval: on-line
Data Delivery Media: paper, on-line, mail out

Quantity of Holdings:

Geographic Areas of Holdings, by type and media: Comments: Most of the holdings are paper copies, which are in the process of being converted to digital data.

Wichita Well Sample Library

Kansas Geological Survey
4150 Monroe Street
Wichita, KS 67209-2699

Contact: Michael T. Dealy, L.G., Manager Wichita Operations
316/943-1261 (FAX)

Data Center Staff Size: 5
Type of Repository: Public - State/Local
Data Access Fee: Other - see Comments
Catalog and Index Type: Other - computer data base for samples
Data Delivery Media: paper, mail out, fax

Quantity of Holdings:

Center Services Provided: core/sample services (see Comments), staff research, bibliographic searches, other (see Comments) 

Geographic Areas of Holdings, by type and media:

Comments: Rental fee for samples checked out; no charge if examined on site. Sample cut service charges (as of November 1996): $20.00 per well, plus $0.30 per envelope and appropriate state sales tax.

The Well Sample Library is a retail outlet for USGS topographic maps of Kansas and for Kansas Geological Survey maps and publications. Microscopes, UV light, HCL, etc., are available for on-site sample examination. Microfiche viewer/copier is available. Copies are $0.25 per page. The Library has the following available for reference: complete set of AAPG Bulletins, partial sets of other geologic journals, a complete set of Kansas Geological Survey publications, miscellaneous Vance-Rowe oil/gas production reports, miscellaneous 1935-1990 Herndon well-location maps (Kansas).

Independent Oil and Gas Service

226 North Emporia
Wichita, KS 67202

Contact: John Morrison
316/263-0874 (FAX)

Data Center Staff Size: 8
Type of Repository: Private - Subscriptions
Data Access Fee: per search
Catalog and Index Type: paper, digital, CD-ROM, newsletters (daily, weekly, monthly)
Data Delivery Media: paper, CD-ROM, mail out

Quantity of Holdings:

Center Services Provided: digitizing, data packages, subscriptions, reports (daily, weekly, monthly), scout cards

Geographic Areas of Holdings, by type and media: