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Activity 6 - How Might Global Warming Affect Your Community?

Use the resources listed below to help you complete this activity.


To learn more about this topic, visit the following web sites:

Problems with Making Predictions

Prediction in Earth Sciences: The Use and Misuse in Policy Making, Center for Science Policy and Outcomes
Explore these sites to learn how the scientific endeavor of prediction has changed in recent years, especially when earth science, technology, and politics merge.

Drawbacks to the Computer Models

Energy and Environment Division Postdoc Puts Solar Technology to Work at Home, US Dept. of Energy
Explore reasons why solar-based technology is not isolated from problems associated with computer models by visiting this page.

Climate Change: US Climate, EPA
How reliable are computer models for forecasting climate? Surf this site to learn more.

What Do the Computer Models Say?

Global Warming: US Climate, EPA
To learn how computers lend insight into the future of Earth's temperatures and rates of precipitation, click here.

  • Climate Change and the Future

    Future Temperature Changes, EPA
    This site provides information on why scientists say deserts are likely to expand as a result of global warming.

    Future Climate Change, EPA
    Find out more about what the future holds for the Earth with Climate Change.

  • Changes in Sea Level and Ocean Circulation

    National Close-up: Science Talk, Washington Post
    Glacial melting effects many systems in and surrounding our oceans. Reporters address typical questions regarding these relationships at this web site.

    Climate Dynamics and Prediction Group, NOAA- Geophysical Fluid Dynamics Laboratory
    This web site provides information on NOAA scientists' interpretations and predictions regarding sea level conditions.


Inquiring Further:

To learn more about energy conservation, visit the following web sites:

Consumer Energy Information Guide, EREN
In this site, the US Dept. of Energy offers ways to conserve energy in everyday life.

To learn more solar and wind power, visit the following web sites:

Guided Tour of Wind Energy, Danish Wind Energy Association
If you want to know a little or a lot about wind energy, this site is for you.

About Solar Energy, National Renewable Energy Laboratory
Explore this site to learn more about the variety of technologies that harness solar energy.

Wind Energy Basics, National Renewable Energy Laboratory
Learn the basics about wind energy here.

Wind Energy FAQ/Technical Information - American Wind Energy Association
This web page lists frequently asked questions about wind as an energy resource, including information about how to calculate the amount of power in the wind at a given wind speed, the basic types of wind turbines, the cost of wind power, and more.

Wind Energy in California, California Energy Commission
This site gives an overview of wind energy. Also visit the "Fast Facts" page, which gives wind facts in a table format.

To learn more about climate change and crops, visit the following web sites:

Climate Change and World Food Supply, CIESIN
Potential effects of climate change on crop yields, world food supply, and regions vulnerable to food deficits are examined in this article.

Zimbabwe: Climate Change Impacts on Maize Production and Adaptive Measures for the Agricultural Sector
In this article, global climate and dynamic crop growth models were used to assess the potential effects of climate change on Zimbabwe's agriculture, specifically maize, the nation's most widely grown crop.

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Last updated: May 11, 2010

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