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Errata Notes on the 2001 Edition

Earth's Fluid Spheres

Changes detailed below include both first printing errata
and other changes made in subsequent printings to
improve figures and the text.

Chapter 1 - Oceans and Your Community

  1. Page 129, Activity 4 - Blackline Master Oceans 4.2 Part 2
    The visual shown is the same as Blackline Master Oceans 4.2 Part 1. For the corrected Blackline Master 4.2 Part 2, click here to download it as a 50 KB pdf.

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Chapter 2 - Severe Weather and Your Community

No changes.

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Chapter 3 - The Cryosphere and Your Community

  1. Page 461, Activity 2 - Part B, Steps 5 and 6

    5a. The net gain is 0.15km³/year (0.2 km accumulated-0.05 ablated). This equals 15km³ in 100 years.

    5b. In 100 years, the glacier volume will increase by 15% to 115km³. (The original volume of the glacier is 100km x 5km x 0.2km, or 100km³.)

    6a. The net loss is now 0.15km³/year (0.05 accumulated-0.2 ablated). This equals -0.15km or 15km³ in 100 years. At this rate the glacier will be completely melted in 666.66 years (100km³/0.15km³/year = 666.7 years).

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