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Errata Notes on the 2001 Edition

Earth's Natural Resources

Changes detailed below include both first printing errata
and other changes made in subsequent printings to
improve figures and the text.

Chapter 1 - Energy Resources and Your Community

  1. Page R8, #4, lines 14-15
    The same symbol "W" is used to refer to both work (which is expressed in joules) and watts (which is a unit of power). The symbol for work should be a different font ("W") in both the equation and in the text.

  2. Page R8, #5, line 4-5
    Change "(how far?)" to "(how fast?)" and "(how high?)" to "(how fast?)" to be consistent with rate of doing work.

  3. Page R8, #6a, line 5
    Change to "one food calorie = 1 kilocalorie or 1000 calories"

  4. Page R14, Step 5, line 2
    Change to "…foot pounds per second."

  5. Page R46, Geo words
    Carbon cycle: the global cycle of movement of carbon, in all of its forms, from one reservoir to another.

  6. Page R46, line 2
    Reword as: "...power cars), the carbon-containing compounds are changed chemically ..."

  7. Page R46, line 12
    Reword as: Change "salts" to "ions".

  8. Page R47, Figure 2
    Change the horizontal axis label to "year"

  9. Page R50, line 14
    Change to: "... granite and similar rocks."

  10. Page R68, line 12
    Change "is called the" to "is related to".

  11. Page R74, Step 5d, 1st sentence
    Change to: "Percent energy efficiency is the energy output divided by the energy input, multiplied by 100."

  12. Page R75, right column, Example calculation, line 3
    Delete cubed.

  13. Page R7, Energy Conversion Table, Energy and work, line 2
    Insert "(foot-pounds)" after "ft-lb".

  14. Page R14, Preparing, right column, line 1
    Change to: "…to understand how mechanical energy is converted to heat in the devices they use in their everyday lives."

  15. Page R20, line 10
    Insert "(Watt hours)" after "Wh".

  16. Page R23, Step 2, line 9
    Change to "…would be 0.50 X 0.50 = 0.25 = 25%."

  17. Page R27, Step 2e
    Add the following sentence to the beginning: "Look at the distribution of coal-fired power plants. Why do you…"

  18. Page R28, Steps 6a and 6b
    Change both steps to begin with "In your state, …"

  19. Page R33, Table 1
    Change the "Volatile Matter" columns to the following values:
    lignite- up to ~50%
    sub-bituminous- up to ~30%
    bituminous- less than 20%
    anthracite- less than 15%

  20. Page R39, Part B, Step 1f, line 3
    After 1st sentence add: "(An acre-foot is the volume of a 1-foot thick layer that covers an area of 1 acre.)"

  21. Page R52, Inquiring Further, Step 3, last line
    Change to: "are taken at the mine?"

  22. Page R52, Inquiring, 4 steps a, c, d, and e
    Reword as follows:
    a) Which fuels are used at the power plant?
    c) What is the power plant's capacity, in megawatts?
    d) How many people are employed at the power plant?
    e) What is done with the ash from the power plant (i.e. …

  23. Page R56, Step 2d, last sentence
    Change to ... "Explain your answer."

  24. Page R60, line 3
    Replace sentence "The most striking…" with "Of all the recently developed energy sources, petroleum and natural gas have had the greatest impact."

  25. Page R79, last three lines
    Change to ".. the air pollution and the emission of greenhouse gases associated with burning those fuels."

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Chapter 2 - Mineral Resources and Your Community

No changes.

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Chapter 3 - Water Resources and Your Community

No changes.

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