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Activity 5 - How Glaciers Modify the Landscape

Use the resources listed below to help you complete this activity.


To learn more about this topic, visit the following web sites:

How Glaciers Erode Bedrock and Move Sediment

Glacial Erosion - Processes - By Thomas Juon and Dak Helentjaris, Montana State University
Photo gallery of glacial erosional features from around the world. Click on thumbnail to open image with a short description of each feature.

Glacier Meltwater and Its Deposits

Glacial Features - The Crevasse Zone
A series of photos gives an idea of the wide variety of geomorphic features to be seen on the Juneau Icefield.

How Glaciers Alter River Systems

"Pleistocene Glaciers and Geography" - University of Wisconsin - Green Bay
This site uses color maps to show the locations of glaciers in the United States during the last ice age. Explains the impact glaciers had on the development of the Missouri, Ohio, and Hudson river systems. Includes a link to a series of 24 maps that illustrate the development of the Great Lakes.


Inquiring Further:

To learn more about glacial landforms, visit the following web sites:

"Glacial Landforms" - Geomorphology from Space - NASA
Click on link "Glaciers and Glacial Landforms" to learn about glaciers and the landscape features that they form. Click on links to different plates to view satellite images and information about glaciers and glacial landforms around the world.

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