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Activity 4 - Severe Weather Hazards: Flash Floods

Use the resources listed below to help you complete this activity.


To learn more about this topic, visit the following web sites:

Flash Floods

Floods - FEMA
Introduction to floods and flash floods. Includes suggestions for preparing for a flood and facts on devasting floods in the past.

"Flash Floods and Floods...the Awesome Power!" - National Weather Service - NOAA
This site explains how flash floods occur, presents information on devastating flash floods in the US, defines the different types of floods, and reviews steps to take to protect oneself from flood damages.

"Flash Flood Warnings - United States" - NOAA
Current listings of floods in the United States.

Floods - NOAA
List of links that cover floods, flood guidnace, and flood terminology.

The Big Thompson Canyon Flood

What We Have Learned Since the Big Thompson Flood, UCAR

The Big Thompson Canyon Flood,

Colorado Remembers Big Thompson Canyon Flash Flood of 1976- NOAA
News article about flash flood.

Fort Collins Flood

"The Rain that Caused the Flood" - Colorado State University
Online article is an excerpt from an analysis of the rainfall that fell and caused the Fort Collins flood in 1997. Includes color rainfall maps.

"An Analysis of Rainfall for the July 28, 1997 Flood in Fort Collins, Colorado" - Colorado Climate Center
Reviews details of the Fort Collins flood, specifically the rainfall that caused the flood.

Safety Tips for Floods

Floods - FEMA
Fact sheet reviews steps to take to prepare for floods, steps to take during a flood, and how to behave after a flood.

"Thunderstorm and Camping Safety Tips" - National Severe Storm Laboratory - NOAA
Includes tips on protecting yourself from flash floods associated with thunderstorms while in the outdoors hiking or camping.


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