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This web site is a resource for  anyone planning a NASA STEM-based workshop for teachers.   Visit our “Workshop Tools” section to access a workshop “how-to” guide.  Find advice from experienced workshop leaders in our “Teacher Network” section.  Access thousands of NASA-based resources through our “Teaching Resources” section.  Engage your audience in the hands-on activities in our “Teaching Resources” section. 

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About NASA Triad

This is an online professional development guide for lead teachers to use in conducting workshops for peers on NASA geoscience, technology, engineering and mathematics content. This handbook, while initially developed by American Geosciences Institute (AGI) and Arizona State University (ASU) School of Earth and Space Exploration (SESE) for use with lead teachers in the proposed program, will be available on the Web to other projects with a goal of preparing teachers to incorporate NASA content into their lessons.


Teaching Resources


Workshop Tools

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Learn how to plan a workshop for NASA STEM educators with how-to guides, sample schedules, evaluation forms, funding and proposal guides and more!


Teacher Network

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Learn about and get expert advice from our lead NASA STEM workshop educators.