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Before the Workshop



  • What kinds of resources (print materials, hands-on materials, sinks, windows, doors to outside) do you need for those activities? How many of each?
  • How will the materials get to the workshop site?
  • If materials are being shipped, think about sending them to your workshop site in care of a responsible person who will be on site during the workshop.
  • What materials do you want participants to bring? How will you communicate that to them (e-mail, phone call, etc.)
  • What materials can workshop participants keep? What must be returned?
  • How can you organize your materials so that they are easy to distribute and collect (baggies, trays, materials table, etc.)?
  • How will you dispose of waste (used water, trash, wet sand or soil)? Will you need buckets or heavy duty trash bags? How big are the trash bins in the workshop room?


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