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Before the Workshop



  • What is the Earth science background and teaching experience of your participants? How can you find that out?
  • Do some participants have specific dietary, mobility, or other needs? How can you accommodate these?
  • Where will participants find parking? Do they need permits?
  • Where are some suggested spots to eat evening meals you can provide to participants from out of town?
  • How should out of town participants get breakfast so that they can be at the workshop on time?
  • What form of transportation should participants use to get from their lodging to workshop site?
  • Are there special tours and/or other events that are available for participants to take advantage of during their off hours?
  • How can participants keep in touch with their homes and workplaces? Where can they find telephones? Where can they access e-mail?
  • If participants would like to use computer resources, where are they available?
  • Make nametags or name tents for participants, if you know their names ahead of time. Provide them with folder with their nametags, the day's schedule and any other pertinent information they may need.


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