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Leading the Workshop


During the Workshop

  • Model the kind of instruction that you would like your participants to use in the classroom. If group work is important, be sure that you organize the participants into small groups.
  • Circulate during hands-on investigations to monitor participants' progress, ask questions and offer help.
  • Be open-minded about your approach or activity; if something isn't working, acknowledge that and shift the plan.
  • If you make mistakes, don't gloss over them, but don't dwell on them either-mistakes are part of any human system, and participants will generally understand.
  • Avoid trying to entertain the group-spontaneous humor is genuinely appreciated, but forced humor can be seen as inappropriate, especially if it offends someone.
  • Stay on time, especially at the end of the day. Stick to the schedule as much as possible, and tell (or, better, ask) the group if an alteration is needed so it does not seem careless.
  • Don't make the workshop "about" you. Anecdotes are often more fun for the teller than the listener, and as much as possible attention should be turned to the participants, their actions, and their attempts to do things.
  • Remember that everything you do should be geared toward conveying specific messages. Know your goals for the day and don't distract the participants through digressions.

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