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Chapter Challenge

In this section you will find materials that support the implementation of EarthComm Florida, Chapter 5: Chapter Challenge.


Ocean Circulation, Atmospheric Circulation, and El Niño

What is an El Niño?, NOAA
Describes the conditions which cause El Niño events.

El Niño, Texas A&M University
Examines the connection between the atmosphere and oceans that creates El Niño events.

El Niño Theme Page, NOAA
Contains links to cover a wide range of topics, including definitions of El Niño and La Niña, impacts of El Niño, predicting El Niño, 3-D animations of El Niño temperatures, and information on finding El Niño data.

USGS Information on El Niño, USGS
Focuses on the impacts of El Niño, including coastal erosion, flooding, landslides, storms, and climate change. Click on link to open the article of interest.

El Niño and changes in Weather or Climate

Impacts of El Niño and benefits of El Niño prediction, NOAA  
Provides information on the impacts of El Niño, such as El Niño and tornado occurrences, El Niño and hurricane frequency, coral reef bleaching, El Niño and marine fish and birds, and more.

El Niño and the Marine Food Chain

El Niño’s Impacts on the Biosphere, NASA
Looks at the impacts of El Niño events on the biosphere.

Fisheries, Texas A&M University
Looks at fisheries and how they are tied to El Niño events.

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