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Section 2

A Thunderstorm Matures

In this section you will find materials that support the implementation of EarthComm: Florida, Section 2: A Thunderstorm Matures.

Inquiring Further

  1. To learn more about volcanoes and weather, visit the following web site:

    Do Volcanoes Affect Weather?, USGS
    Describes changes in weather that occurred with the eruption of two volcanoes.

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To learn more about this topic, visit the following web sites:

How Clouds Form

Clouds, NASA
Reviews the conditions surrounding cloud formation and also explains how precipitation is "released" from clouds.

Understanding Clouds and Fog, USA Today
Reviews how and where clouds typically form. Includes some graphics and additional links to help understand clouds.

Types of Clouds

Cloud Classification and Characteristics, NOAA
Examines the classification system for classifying clouds.  Provides example pictures of each type.

Cloud Types, Windows to the Universe
Click on the cloud groups or cloud type of interest to view an image and relevant text.

Weather and the Water Cycle

The Water Cycle, NASA
Examines the role of water in the Earth system, including elements of weather.

 Stages of a Thunderstorm

Information about Thunderstorms, NOAA
Defines and gives facts on thunderstorms, explains the conditions necessary for thunderstorm development, the stages of a thunderstorm, and types of thunderstorms.

Thunderstorms and Lightning...the Underrated Killers!, NOAA
Reviews the hazards associated with thunderstorms, including winds, rain, hail, and lightning. Also reviews the development of thunderstorms, where thunderstorms are likely to occur, and how to remain safe during a thunderstorm.

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