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What is EarthComm, Second Edition?

EarthComm, Second Edition, Project-Based Space and Earth System Science was derived from EarthComm, Earth System Science in the Community, an NSF-funded curriculum project guided in design and approach by the National Science Education Standards (1996). EarthComm, Second Edition is designed to meet State Standards for grades 9-12. EarthComm, Second Edition provides a comprehensive secondary-level educational program in the Earth Sciences that includes student learning materials, teacher resources (both materials and teacher-support networks), and assessment tools for a hands-on, inquiry-driven, instructional program. EarthComm, Second Edition emphasizes important concepts, understandings, and abilities that all students can use to make wise decisions, think critically, and understand and appreciate the Earth and space system. The goals of the EarthComm, Second Edition program are:

  • To teach students the principles and practices of Earth science and to demonstrate the relevance of Earth science to their lives and environment.
  • To approach Earth Science through the problem-solving, community-based model in which the teacher plays the role of facilitator.
  • To establish an expanded learning environment that incorporates field work, technological access to data, and traditional classroom and laboratory activities.
  • To support the development of communities of learners by establishing student teams and by building a greater regional and national community.
  • To use local and regional issues and concerns to stimulate problem-solving activities and to foster a sense of Earth stewardship by students in their communities.

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