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Biofuel: Additonal Resources

To learn more about biofuels, visit the following:

Ethanol, U.S. Department of Energy
This website provides background information on ethanol, including how it is produced and distributed. It also examines the costs and benefits of ethanol as a biofuel.

Biofuels, U.S. Department of Energy
This website provides information on ethanol and biodiesel. It includes descriptions of the processes involved in converting feedstocks into ethanol and biodiesel fuels.

Biomass, Oak Ridge National Laboratory
This website gives extensive information about creating energy from biomass. It includes an overview of the economics of biofuel production and use.

Biomass Power, National Atlas of the United States
This website provides a brief overview of how energy is obtained from biomass, including biofuels.

Biomass Energy, California Energy Commission
This website looks at the different ways that biomass can be used as an energy source, including the use of biofuels.

Biofuels, U.S. Energy Information Administration
This website examines ethanol and biodiesel production and use. It examines the history of biofuel use as well as the advantages and disadvantages of biofuels.

Liquid Biofuels for Transport, GreenFacts
This website provides information and statistics related to biofuels for transportation use.

What is Biofuel, Greenfootsteps
This website describes how biofuels are made, used, and the positive and negative impacts of biofuel production and use.

Quick guide: Biofuels, BBC
This website analyses biofuels as an energy resource.

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