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Careers in Biofuel

The use of biofuels has increased significantly over the past decade. For example, in 2000, Americans consumed less than 8 billion liters (2 billion gallons) of ethanol. In 2011, ethanol consumption in the United States reached 53 billion liters (14 billion gallons). With this increase the number of workers in the biofuel industry has grown. Following are several commonly held biofuel related positions. These include those involved in research and development as well as production, operation, and maintenance of biofuel producing plants.

Ethanol Maintenance Technician - Ethanol Maintenance Technicians repair and maintain machinery and equipment used in ethanol producing plants, such as pumps, electrical components, tanks, and grain elevators.

Ethanol Plant Manager - Ethanol Plant Managers are responsible for all aspects of plant operations, including production, maintenance, shipping and receiving, and quality control. They must ensure maximum production, quantity, and quality.

Biofuels Engineer - Biofuels Engineers design and oversee construction of biofuel processing plants.

Biofuels Research Analyst - Biofuels Research Analysts research information pertaining to biofuels, including specifications and standards, production data, and related policy issues. They commonly conduct analyses, maintain databases, and write reports on biofuels.

Biofuels Lab Technician - Biofuels Lab Technicians are responsible for planting, harvesting, collecting, and processing feedstock samples. They also assist with performing analytical tests on feedstocks, ensuring that samples are obtained and processed in an accurate, timely and safe manner.

Biofuels Research Engineer - Biofuels Research Engineers develop and test ethanol and biodiesel producing equipment. They also review production processes and integrate methods into the development of new equipment.

Ethanol Production Operator - Ethanol Production Operators safely operate and maintain all equipment in an ethanol producing plant, ensuring maximum production rates and a high quality product.

Ethanol Plant Engineer - Ethanol Plant Engineers maintain, correct, and improve plant operations. They examine and make recommendations for improving the design of the plant, the way it is managed, and the delivery of biofuels to the costumer.