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Coal: Additonal Resources

To learn more about coal, visit the following:

COAL: Ancient Gift Serving Modern Man, American Coal Foundation
This website provides an overview of coal as a natural resource. It examines how coal was formed, the different types of coal, coal production and consumption, coal mining regulation, as well as the history of coal use.

Coal Information, Kentucky Geological Survey
This website provides general information about coal, including the processes associated with the formation of coal, coal rank, and the uses of coal. It also includes descriptions of the different methods used to mine coal.

Coal Resource Recoverability, U.S. Geological Survey
This website reviews the factors associated with coal production, including mining, cleaning, and recovery.

Coal Resource Classification System of the U.S. Geological Survey, U.S. Geological Survey
This website explains how the USGS classifies and tracks coal resources in the United States, including rank of coal, thickness of beds, and distribution.

U.S. Coal Supply and Demand, U.S. Energy Information Administration
This website discusses annual coal supply and demand, production by region, consumption and stocks at the consuming sector level, imports and exports, and average delivered coal prices.

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