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Natural Gas: Additonal Resources

To learn more about geothermal energy, visit the following:

Natural Gas in the U.S. and Worldwide, U.S. National Energy Information Administation
This website contains information about many aspects of natural gas, including the basics of formation, as well as the production, supply, consumption, storage, transportation, imports, exports, and prices of natural gas in the United States.

The Future of Natural Gas in the United States, United States Department of Energy
This website describes the future goals of the United States government for the continued expansion of natural gas resources. Prospects for the increase in natural gas production from shale are described.

Focus on Natural Gas and Liquid Natural Gas, Natural Gas Supply Association
A comprehensive educational website about natural gas resources.

Compressed Natural Gas (CNG) and Liquid Natural Gas (LNG), U.S. Department of Energy This website describes the uses of LNG and CNG forms of natural gas as alternative sources of energy to conventional fossils fuels.

Gas Laws in Action, State of Texas
This website describes natural gas alongside other types of alternative fuels. It also includes useful descriptions of Charles's Gas law and Boyle's Law which describe the behavior of gases with respect to pressure, volume, and temperature.

Natural Gas Production in California, The California Energy Commission
This website describes the use of natural gas within the state of California as well as the supply network and non-Californian basins that are used to make up the shortfall between supply and demand.

Natural Gas in the News, The New York Times
This newspaper website contains interesting articles about various economic and environmental aspects of natural gas.

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