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Nuclear Energy: Additonal Resources

To learn more about nuclear energy, visit the following:

Latest Developments in Nuclear Energy, U.S. Department of Energy
This government website contains information about the latest developments in the field of nuclear energy as well what is going on in the domestic and international political arena in this field.

Nuclear Energy Research and Development Roadmap, U.S. Department of Energy
The website includes links to the Nuclear Energy Research and Development Roadmap published in 2010.

Nuclear Resources in the United States, United States Nuclear Regulatory Commission
The website contains a large amount of information on nuclear power in the United States, including sections on reactors, waste, materials, safety, and public involvement.

The Yucca Mountain Project, United States Nuclear Regulatory Commission
This site contains a useful factsheet about the Yucca Mountain radioactive waste storage facility.

The Future of Nuclear Power, Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT)
This detailed report from MIT outlines in several chapters the future prospects for nuclear power.

The North American Energy Portfolio, Nuclear Energy Institute
The website contains a variety of information with excellent detail about the role of nuclear power, current affairs, policy details and information about nuclear energy within the portfolio of power sources for electricity in the United States.

Events and Proceedings, European Nuclear Society
welcome.htm This site, from the largest society in Europe for nuclear sciences, whose membership includes national societies from 22 countries, contains position papers and other educational resources.

The Nuclear Debate, World Nuclear Association
This comprehensive site contains a useful summary (with references to additional reports) of the nuclear debate.

Small Nuclear Power Plants - the Next Generation? World Nuclear Association
This fact sheet describes the development and interest in small nuclear power plants designed to power smaller areas without incurring the high start-up costs and lengthy period for development.

Radiation and Its Effects on Health, Physics Department, Idaho State University
This website focuses on radiation, nuclear energy, and health effects.

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