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Solar Energy: Additonal Resources

To learn more about solar energy, visit the following:

Solar Energy, U.S.Environmental Protection Agency
This website explains technologies used to convert solar energy to heat or electricity.

SunShot Initiative, U.S. Department of Energy
This website describes the SunShot Initiative, a U.S. Department of Energy program that aims to decrease the total costs of solar energy systems by 75% within the next ten years.

Careers in Solar Power, U.S. Department of Labor
This website provides information on the process of generating solar power. It also describes various occupations in the solar energy industry.

Solar Research, National Renewable Energy Laboratory
The National Renewable Energy Laboratory (NREL) is dedicated to advancing renewable energy and energy efficiency technologies through research and development programs. This website describes the research efforts of NREL in photovoltaics and solar thermal systems.

Solar, U.S. Department of Energy
This website profiles the Rooftop Solar Challenge program. This program aims to make solar energy competitive with other types of energy by standardizing permit processes, updating planning and zoning codes, improving standards for connecting solar power to the electric grid, and increasing access to financing.

Renewable Solar, U.S. Energy Information Administration
This website provides an overview of solar energy and how it can be used to provide heat and produce electricity.

Research and Education to Advance Solar Energy, The Solar Foundation
This website provides research findings related to the benefits of solar energy.

Energy Story, California Energy Commission
This website explains the basics of solar energy and how solar radiation can be used for heat and to produce electricity.

Articles about Solar Power, Renewable Power News
This website provides news articles related to the use of solar energy, solar energy technologies, solar energy production and consumption, and large scale solar energy projects being built of developed around the world.

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