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National Science Education Standards



Secondary Grades 9-12
SI 1 Abilities necessary to do scientific inquiry.
SI 2 Understandings about scientific inquiry.
PS 5 and PS 6 Conservation of energy and the increase in disorder.
LS 3 Biological evolution.
LS 4 Interdependence of organisms.
LS 5 Matter, energy, and organization in living systems.
ESS 1 Energy in the Earth system.
ESS 2 Geochemical cycles.
ESS 3 The origin and evolution of the Earth system.
ST 1 Abilities of technological design.
ST 2 Understandings about science and technology.
SPSP 1 Personal and community health.
SPSP 2 Population growth.
SPSP 3 Natural resources.
SPSP 4 Environmental quality.
SPSP 4 Natural and human-induced hazards.
SPSP 5 Science and technology in local, national and global challenges.
HNS 1 Science as a human endeavor.
HNS 2 Nature of scientific knowledge.
HNS 3 Historical perspectives.