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5.1 Coasts and Earth Systems

In this section you will find materials that support the implementation of 5.1: Coasts and Earth Systems. Use the navigation below to find the materials.

Section Materials


Visions of Earth, by AGI
A four-DVD set on interactions in Earth systems.

Water on the Move: Wind and Waves, by Oceans Alive!
Learn about waves and their movement.

Ocean Current Data, by National Oceanographic Data Center
Provides links to multiple ocean current data sets.

Waves, by NOAA
Compare ocean waves during calm conditions versus ocean waves during hurricane conditions.

Waves, by Ocean World
This site includes information about different types of waves, how waves form, a photo gallery of waves, an interactive quiz, links to real-time data as well as other useful links.

Sea Level and Climate, by USGS
Fact Sheet 002-00 This fact sheet looks at how glacial-interglacial cycles impact sea level and how a melting of today's glaciers could cause sea level to rise.

Sea Surface and Sea Level, by Atmospheric Radiation and Measurement Program - DOE
Online article reviews terms commonly used to describe sea level change, the causes of long- and short-term sea level change, how sea level change is tied to global warming, how weather affects sea level.

Tsunami, by US Dept of Commerce, NOAA, the National Weather Service, Intergovernmental Oceanographic Commission, and International Tsunami Information Center
Online brochure written to increase readers' knowledge of tsunamis.

Beach Nourishment, by NOAA
Beach replenishment can be a subject for debate in many coastal communities. The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) has an informative web site on beach formation, erosion and replenishment.

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Visions of Earth, by AGI
82 High-definition animations showing a variety of Earth and space system processes.

Examine an example of wave erosion, by TERC
Brief animation and pictures of wave erosion formations.

nowCOAST: GIS Mapping Portal to Real-Time Environmental Observations and NOAA Forecasts, by NOAA
A real-time, GIS layered mapping program. You can turn layers on and off on the right and get all sorts of interesting information out of the maps.

The How Stuff Works
This web site has a series of short videos on coastal biomes, including mangrove swamps. The site does include advertisements.

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