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6.2 Watershed and River Ecology

In this section you will find materials that support the implementation of 6.2: Watershed and River Ecology. Use the navigation below to find the materials.

Section Materials


Visions of Earth, by AGI
A four-DVD set on interactions in Earth systems.

Surf Your Watershed, by EPA
This site allows you to look up your community's the watershed and obtain its environmental profile of your watershed.

Rivers and the Landscape, by USGS
Learn more about the landscapes created by rivers.

Mississippi River Delta Basin, by Natural Resources Conservation Service
The Mississippi River is a fantastic example of how a delta can change overtime. Explore this site to learn about how the the Mississippi River Delta has changed throughout geologic time.

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Visions of Earth, by AGI
82 High-definition animations showing a variety of Earth and space system processes.

The Chesapeake Bay Flyover, by NASA
The Chesapeake Bay an area of approximately 200 miles is North America's largest estuary. The Bay and its tributaries comprises a complex ecosystem which encompasses rivers, wetlands, trees and habitats. This animation takes us on a tour around the Bay starting from its 'mouth' near Norfolk, Virginia, flying north up to the Susquehanna River and then flying down the area of the Eastern Shore all the way to the Fishermans Island, zooming out to get a look of the Chesapeake Bay region.

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