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7.3 Severe Weather Conditions

In this section you will find materials that support the implementation of 7.3: Severe Weather Conditions. Use the navigation below to find the materials.

Section Materials


Visions of Earth, by AGI
A four-DVD set on interactions in Earth systems.

Earth Observatory's Natural Hazards, by NASA
This is a particularly timely website. There is satellite imagery of crops and drought, dust and smoke, fires, floods, severe storms, and volcanoes.

Good Friday Tornado Damage, by Rutherford County Office of Information Technology
It is a Google-Earth-like website showing damage from an EF4 tornado which devastated parts of Murfreesboro, TN on April 10. Among other things, the user can compare before and after air photos of damaged homes.

Education: Severe Weather Primer, by NOAA
Succinct answers concerning questions about hail, lightning, thunderstorms, and more.

Hurricane Archive, by Weather Underground
This site has an archive with a map for each storm and the date, time, latitude. longitude, wind, pressure, and storm type. Click on the year, then the storm's name.

Hurricane Data Analysis Tool, by NASA
The Hurricane Data Analysis Tool (formerly the TRMM QuikScat Analysis tool) allows users to overlay various data products relevant in the study of hurricanes in either an area plot or a time plot using an interactive tool. The data products being offered include TRMM's product 3B42, TMI's sea surface temperature, NCEP Reanalysis sea level pressure and QuikScat's wind. This tool is beneficial for users to obtain a visualization comparison of two products during a hurricane event.

Tornado Safety (Online Tornado FAQ), by Storm Prediction Center - NOAA
Article reviews the basic steps for tornado safety. Click on links to view tornado and damage images.

Downbursts - Severe Weather Awareness, by National Weather Service - NOAA
This site uses illustrations to explain what causes downbursts, how they differ from tornadoes, and why they can be dangerous for airplanes.

Tornadoes, by National Climatic Data Center - NOAA
Site includes data (maps) of tornado occurrences by state, grouped according to tornado size.

Tornadoes....Nature's Most Violent Storms, by National Severe Storm Laboratory - NOAA
This site explains how tornadoes form using color images. Also disproves several tornado myths, reviews where tornadoes occur, and tips on how to stay informed about tornadoes.

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Visions of Earth, by AGI
82 High-definition animations showing a variety of Earth and space system processes.

Lightening, by NOVA
PBS's NOVA has a website with 9 minutes of streaming video on lightning. Just the thing for an upcoming weather unit. Also find resources on varieties of lightning and an "Ask the Expert" section.

Storm Video
Discover a series of Windows Media Video files showing storm hurricane, tornado, and blizzard video.

Lightning in Slow Motion, by Center for Precollegiate Education and Training (CPET)
Animation of Ligtning showing the stepped leader and the more visible return stroke.

Hurricane Force: A Coastal Perspective, by USGS
1994 film following USGS scientists studying hurricane-affected coasts while connecting the environmental and economic consequences of these storms. Relates how hurricanes form and progress and includes a detailed account of the impacts of Hurricanes Andrew (Louisiana, 1992), Hugo (Puerto Rico, 1989), and Iniki (Kauai, Hawaii, 1992). Downloads in 12 segments. Average length: 3 minutes; average size: 25 megabytes.

Exploring Storm Surge, by USGS
Preparedness movie made in 1995 about the dangers of storm surges that are associated with hurricanes.

San Francisco Bay Wind Patterns, by USGS
A dynamic and real-time rendering of particle streaklines. The animation describes the flow of the wind at a given time.

Hurricanes, by BBC
An animated guide of a hurricane.

Hurricane, by TERC
Observe an animation of a hurricane.

Drought Monitor, by NDMC
View a series of maps that span a 12 week time and document drought in the US.

Katrina Slide Show, by Huffington Post
View photographs and slide show by Chris Chandler/ Pictures where taken in the 9th Ward of New Orleans, Louisiana, February-March, 2006.

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