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8.1 Urbanization

In this section you will find materials that support the implementation of 8.1: Urbanization. Use the navigation below to find the materials.

Section Materials


Visions of Earth, by AGI
A four-DVD set on interactions in Earth systems.

Urbanizations's Aftermath, by NASA
Learn more about the effects of urbanization on the environment.

How urbanization affects the hydrologic system, by USGS
Learn about the effects on the local hydrologic system when a rural area is turned into an area full of housing developments, shopping centers, industrial buildings, and roads.

The effects of urbanization on water quality: Urban runoff, by USGS
Learn more about how water runoff from urban areas can be harmful to the environment.

Ur, by Minnesota State University
Learn more about the archaeological site of Ur in the Middle East.

Memphis, by Minnesota State University
Learn about one of the urban centers in Ancient Egypt.

Thebes, by Minnesota State University
Learn about one of the urban centers in Ancient Egypt.

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Visions of Earth, by AGI
82 High-definition animations showing a variety of Earth and space system processes.

Urbanization around the Pearl River Estuary in China from 1973 through 2001 (WMS), by NASA
Urban growth in the Pearl River Estuary near Shenzhen, China, from 1973 to 2001 as measured by Landsat. This animation shows nine such images in sequence, from the years 1973, 1975, 1977, 1979, 1988, 1992, 1995, 2000, and 2001.

Landsat-7 20 Year Urbanization of Deep Bay near Shenzhen, China, by NASA
The long operational history of the Landsat satellite allows a detailed study of urban growth around the world, as illustrated by this animation of urbanization in the Deep Bay region around Shenzen, China.

Landsat 7 20 Year Urbanization West of Shenzhen, China, by NASA
This animation zooms down to Shenzhen, China and dissolves between images of city from 1973 to 2001.

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