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14.3 The Soil Ecosystem

In this section you will find materials that support the implementation of 14.3: The Soil Ecosystem. Use the navigation below to find the materials.

Section Materials


Visions of Earth, by AGI
A four-DVD set on interactions in Earth systems.

Effective Soil Sampling Techniques, by PETRIK Library
Lists and discusses five guidelines for collecting soil samples.

Soil Sampling, by Jeffrey S. Jacobsen
Discusses sampling procedures for soil sampling.

Taking a Soil Sample, by University of Minnesota
Good web site for procedural information on taking soil samples.

Organic Matter in Soil, by USDA-NRCS
This site reviews the basics of organic content in the soil of your backyard garden.

Soil Quality Indicators, by NRCS
This PDF (you must have Adobe Acrobat to view this file) explains how organic material is incorporated into soil and why it is important.

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Visions of Earth, by AGI
82 High-definition animations showing a variety of Earth and space system processes.

Healthy Soil, by Cyber help for Organic Farmers
Observe all of the (living and nonliving) factors that make soil healthy.

Bioturbation, by University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
This animation provides insights on how the processes of biodynamics, removals, and soil deepening operate in soil-landscape systems.

Soil Health, by Certified Organic Associations of British Columbia
This animation shows the factors that contribute to a soil's over-all health.

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