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15.1 Why Energy is Important

In this section you will find materials that support the implementation of 15.1: Why Energy is Important. Use the navigation below to find the materials.

Section Materials


Visions of Earth, by AGI
A four-DVD set on interactions in Earth systems.

The National Energy Education Development (NEED) Project
NEED offers both energy materials and professional development for teachers through its web site.

Youth Education Activities Committee, by The American Association of Petroleum Geologists
This site offers links to energy education materials through their web site. In collaboration with the American Geosciences Institute, AAPG has also developed an online resource for scientists visiting classrooms. You may want to access the energy-related activities on this resource from the Handbook web site.

Energy Resources Program, by USGS
Learn more about Energy.

Energy Resources, by Andy Darvill
The British site lists the different kinds of renewable and nonrenewable energy resources. The schoolzone five star site explains how each resource works and the advantages and disadvantages of each. The language and explanations used in the site are appropriate for middle school and high school students but anyone could profit from viewing this well organized site.

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Visions of Earth, by AGI
82 High-definition animations showing a variety of Earth and space system processes.

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