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Climate and Weather
Investigation 3:
Weather Maps

This investigation will help you to:

To learn more about weather and weather maps, visit the following web sites

Weather Maps

Weather Symbols,
Atmospheric Research and Information Center, Manchester Metropolitan University
This site provides an explanation on weather symbols used for forecasting.

Atmospheric Pressure

Atmospheric Pressure: The force exerted by the weight of air,
Review some general facts about air pressure, how it changes, and what happens if it changes. The page includes a list of suggested additional activities as well as a web site demonstration of air pressure changes on a hot air balloon.

It's a Breeze: How Atmospheric Pressure Effects the Weather,
Find out about how a mercurial barometer measures atmospheric pressure.

High-Pressure Areas and Low-Pressure Areas

Atmospheric Pressure,
Department of Atmospheric Sciences (DAS) at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign.
Introduces pressure, associated characteristics, and high and low pressure centers.

Air Masses and Fronts

Air Masses and Fronts,
Cooperative Institute for Meteorological Satellite Studies, University of Wisconsin
This page about weather and why there is weather. In addition, it explains some of the symbols often seen on weather maps.

Air Masses and Fronts,
Naval Meteorology and Oceanography Command Public Affairs Office
Read about cold or warm air mass source regions and consider how your weather may vary depending on the air mass source that affects your area.

Air Masses and Fronts,
Online Meteorology Guide, University of Illinois
Topics discussed on this site include:

To complete Part A, steps 1-3 of this investigation, you will need weather maps.

How to find maps.

To complete Part B, steps 3-7 of this investigation, you will need weather maps highlighting specific weather variables.

How to find maps.




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