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Climate and Weather
Investigation 5:
The Causes of Weather

This investigation will help you to:

To learn more about the water cycle, visit the following web sites:

Main Loop of the Water Cycle

Water: A Never Ending Story,
University of Washington
This web page is designed for students and teachers. It includes activities about different processes in the water cycle with some background material to help teachers.

Make a Water Cycle Wheel,
Illinois EPA
Print out these pages and follow the instructions to make your own water wheel. See how the water moves from the ocean to the air to the land and back again.

Follow a Drip Through the Water Cycle,
Read a story about a drop of water as it goes through the entire water cycle. To help, some of the terms are linked to their definitions in a glossary.

The Water Cycle,
Learn more about how sunshine, evaporation, rain, snow, mountains, rivers and streams, and oceans are all involved in the water cycle processes.

The Water Cycle,
Earth Observatory
A discussion of the water cycle and it's importance to life.

Evaporation and Condensation

Find out about evaporation in the water cycle.

Find out about condensation in the water cycle.

Clouds and Precipitation

Cloud Classification,
Plymouth State College
This site offers a boutique of different cloud photos and descriptions. It also explains how and why clouds form at different elevations.

Clouds and Precipitation, Online Meteorology Guide,
University of Illinois
Topics covered on this site include:



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