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Investigation 7:
Using Energy Resources Wisely

This investigation will help you to:

To learn more about heat transfer, visit the following web sites:

Why is heat transfer important to XMM?,
Astrophysics and Space Research
Explore conduction, convection, and radiation in relation to Earth Systems at this site. It provides graphics and real world examples to aid in your understanding of heat transfer


University of Winnipeg
This web page provides a good introduction of conduction and offers annotated graphics to aid your understanding.


Univeristy of Winnipeg
This web page provides a good introduction of convection and offers annotated graphics to aid your understanding.

3D Movie of Convection,
University of Chicago
This movie is a 3D animation of convection. The animation shows the temperature fluctuations in a layer of unstable, turbulent gas.


University of Winnipeg
This web page provides a good introduction of radiation and offers annotated graphics to aid your understanding.

To learn more about insulation, visit the following web sites:

What are insulators?

MacMillan Encylopedia of Physics
This site offers a more-detailed look into insulators.

University of St. Andrews, Scotland
Explore the characteristics of insulators that give them their unique properties.

To learn more about ways to conserve energy, visit the following web sites:

Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy Network (EREN),
Dept of Energy
This site reviews technologies to improve energy efficiencies in a variety of sectors:

Energy Savers - Tips on Saving Energy and Money at Home,
This site provides information on home use, insulation and weatherization, heating and cooling, water heating, and more. Plus, you can request a free Energy Savers booklet and learn about other products, including Spanish Energy Savers at this site.

50 Ways to Save Energy & Money,
Snohomish P.U.D.
Get easy-to-do tips that will save energy and money!

Transportation Issues

Natural Gas Vehicles,
Natural Gas Foundation
Learn where and why these NGV's are most beneficial.



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