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Web Sites:

Western Interior Paleontological Society Paleo Links,
Western Interior Paleontological Society

The Society of Vertebrate Paleontology,
The Society of Vertebrate Paleontology

Learning from the Fossil Record,
The Museum of Paleontology of The University of California, Berkeley

PaleoNet Pages,
The University of California, Berkeley Museum of Paleontology and The Natural History Museum

Museum of Paleontology,
University of California, Berkeley

Evolution and the Fossil Record,


Science News
Excellent source of articles describing the most recent and interesting events in scientific reserach.

Published by the American Geosciences Institute, this magazine reviews current issues in the Earth Sciences and can serve as a valuable supplemental resource for teachers and students alike. Visit the web site for online articles and information about obtaining a one-year subscription (40% discount for AGI Member Society members; 65% discount for students).

National Geographic
Excellent source of articles. Often includes helpful maps.

Fossil News,
Journal of Amateur Paleontology


Information on Fossils and Fossil Collecting,

  • General Interest Publications
    The following general interest publications can be ordered without charge from:
    USGS Information Services
    Box 25286
    Denver, CO 80225
  • Fossils, Rocks, and Time,
    This publication explains the use of fossils and rocks to decipher the geologic history of an area and the development of the relative and radiometric time scales.
    Paper copy -- 24 p., Free
  • Dinosaurs: Facts and Fiction,
    Answers to FAQ's about dinosaurs are offered in this video, as well as current ideas and evidence to correct some long-lived popular misconceptions.
    Paper copy -- 10 p., Free

Evolution and the Fossil Record,
AGI and The Paleontological Society


Fossils: Uncovering Clues to the Past Video,
24 Hours 7 Days
This video uncovers the many cluse fossils reveal about Earth's last 600 million years of life from the simplest organisms that colonized the oceans to the complex mammals that exist today. Live action footage and recent scientific ideas about ecology help you explore the major life forms that thrived during the Paleozoic, Mesozoic, and Cenozoic geologic eras. Teacher's Guide and glossary included.
Full-motion VHS.
20 minutes.
Grades 7-12.

Evolution: Boxed Set (available on DVD and VHS),
Evolution offers a groundbreaking and definitive view of the extraordinary impact the evolutionary process has had on our understanding of the world around us. Beginning with Darwin's revolutionary theory, this seven-part series explores all facets of evolution.
8 hrs. on seven VHS video tapes, WG1158, $99.95 or 8 hrs. on 4 DVDs, WG35469, $99.95.

Watch the following short videos to spur classroom discussion about science and evolution. They are free and available for download.

  • Isn't Evolution Just a Theory?
  • Who Was Charles Darwin?
  • How Do We Know that Evolution Happpens?
  • How Does Evolution Really Work?
  • Did Humans Evolve?
  • Why Does Evolution Matter Now?

Dinosaur Hunters: Secrets of the Gobi Desert Video and DVD (2003),
National Geographic
This National Geographic video follows a 1997 journey of two paleontologists from the American Museum of Natural History. Their discoveries include the find of a skeleton of a femal oviraptor and her nest of a dozen eggs.



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