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Investigation 1:
The Properties of Seawater

This investigation will help you to:

To learn more about seawater, visit the following web sites:

The composition of seawater.

Seawater Chemistry,
University of Saskatchewan
Page includes description of the chemical elements in seawater, the dissolved gasses in seawater, and the processes controlling seawater composition.

Seawater Composition,
View a detailed breakdown of the percentages of all major and minor elements in seawater.

Why is the ocean salty?

General Characteristics of the World's Oceans-Ocean Salinity,
Institute on Climate and Planet, NASA
Where is ocean salinity the highest? This page includes map of ocean salinity around the world and a cross section of ocean salinity versus depth.

Why is the Ocean Salty?,
A brief explanation about Earth's salty oceans.

Why is the Ocean Salty?,
Discusses the origins of the oceans, sources of salt, and how the saltiness in the oceans has changed over time.

The density of seawater.

Density of Ocean Water,
University of Michigan
Discusses variables associated with sea water density.

Density of Seawater,
George Mason University
Includes scientific equations for determining seawater density.

Plants and animals in the ocean.

The Living Sea,
Oceans Alive!
Read about where animals and plants live within different layers of the oceans.

Planet Ocean,
Information geared for students about the vast oceans and the life in them.

Ocean Animals,
Missouri Botanical Gardens
Learn about animals that inhabit the ocean.



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