1998 Science and Technology Visits Day 
CVD Participant Briefing Materials

The Coalition for Technology Partnerships

CTP is a group of small, medium, and large businesses, and trade associations that have joined forces to advocate science and technology partnerships a vital part of our innovation engine. For further information on the Coalition's activities, contact CTP Chair Kathleen N. Kingscott (Phone 202-515-5193, Fax 202-515-4943).
American Electronics Association San Jose, CA
Becton Dickinson Technologies Research Triangle Park, NC
Dow Chemical Company Midland, Michigan
EMC Corporation Hopkinton, MA
Extrude Hone Corporation Irwin, Pennsylvania
General Electric Corporation Niskayuna, NY
IAP Research, Inc.  Dayton, Ohio
IBM Corporation Armonk, NY
Lamb Machining Systems, UNOVA, Inc.  Warren, MI
National Association of Manufacturers Washington, DC
National Center for Manufacturing Sciences Ann Arbor, MI
Ohio Aerospace Institute Cleveland, OH
Optoelectronics Industry Development Association Washington, DC
Physical Optics Corporation Torrance, CA
Princeton Materials Institute, Princeton University Princeton, NJ
Quantimetrix Corporation Redondo Beach, CA
Rockwell Collins, Inc.  Cedar Rapids, IA
Semiconductor Equipment & Materials Internatl Mountain View, CA
Semiconductor Industry Association San Jose, CA
Wilcoxon Labs Gaithersburg, MD
XXsys Technologies, Inc.  San Diego, CA

Posted: February 21, 1998; Last updated March 28, 2000