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Evolution Debate in Idaho (11-11-05)

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On October 31, 2005 University of Idaho President Tim White said that "for the reason of academic integrity" the university would stand by a policy not to teach intelligent design. That policy was announced earlier in October, making the University of Idaho one of the only institutes of higher learning that has publicly stated it will only teach science in its science classrooms. White's reaffirmation of the policy came after University of Idaho microbiology professor Scott Minnich testified in favor of teaching intelligent design on behalf of the Dover school board in the case Dover v. Kitzmiller. Minnich's testified that intelligent design is a scientific concept that doesn't require adherence to religious belief, and said the concept isn't found in the peer-reviewed literature because it is an unpopular minority view. "To endorse intelligent design comes with risk because it's a position against the consensus. Science is not a democratic process," Minnich said. (11/11/05)

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Sources: Northwest Public Radio, Associated Press.

Contributed by Peter Douglas, AGI/AAPG 2005 Fall Intern; and Katie Ackerly, Government Affairs Staff.

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Last updated on November 11, 2005

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