Government Affairs Program

AGI Government Affairs Advisory Committee
Meeting Agenda

October 5, 2008
GSA Annual Meeting in Houston TX
Lanier Grand Ballroom H, Hilton Americas Hotel


  1. Introductions (1:30 to 2:00)
  1. Transition 2008 Document (2:00 to 2:30)
    1. Overview of document – final text, final design (PDF)
    2. Comments on final document
    3. Distribution of document – who has received it, who else will receive it, where is it available
    4. Future plans for document
    5. Discussion about how societies are using the document and how societies can use the document
  1. Transition materials of member societies (2:30 to 3:00)
    1. What are societies doing to communicate with new leadership?
    2. Are there any actions that societies would like to collaborate on?
    3. How can GAP help?
  1. What are some of the critical needs of member societies from new federal leadership? (3:00 to 3:30)
    1. What are some of the priorities of your society, whether you are preparing transition materials or not?
    2. Are these priorities unique or is your society working with others?
    3. Are there any priorities that member societies could collaborate on?
    4. How can GAP help?
  1. Wrap-up and other business (3:30 to 4:00)

Please send any comments or requests for information to AGI Government Affairs Program.

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