Government Affairs Program

AGI Government Affairs Advisory Committee
Draft Meeting Agenda with Links to Background Information

Monday, November 8, 2004
2:00 - 5:00 p.m.
Coinciding with GSA's 2004 Annual Meeting
Denver Marriott Hotel - Denver III
Denver, CO

I. Introductions and Preliminary Business

2:00 pm Introductions and Preliminary Business (Background: advisory committee roster)

II. Government Affairs Program Federal Activities

2:30 pm USGS Coalition Update

2:45 am Fiscal Year 2005 Appropriations Advocacy

3:15 pm Other Legislative Issues

3:30 pm Break

3:45 pm Congressional Natural Hazards Caucus Update

II. Non-Federal Policy Activities

4:00 pm Challenges to Teaching Evolution

IV. AGI Congressional Science Fellowship

4:15 pm William L. Fisher Congressional Geoscience Fellowship Endowment (Geotimes column and AGI press release)

V. Member Society Collaboration

4:30 pm Reports from Member Societies

VI. Wrap Up

4:45 pm Action Items/Plans for Next Meeting

5:00 pm Adjourn

Please send any comments or requests for information to AGI Government Affairs Program.

Posted October 18, 2004