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Legislative History and Digest of H.R. 3816

FY 1997 Energy and Water Appropriations

PUBLIC LAW: 104-206, (became law 09/30/96)

SPONSOR: Rep Myers, (introduced 07/16/96)

TITLES:The complete bill text is available on Thomas: The Library of Congress Web Site. In Thomas, click on Full Text of Legislation, then 104th Congress Bills, then Search by Bill Number, type in hr 3816 , hit RUN QUERY, and choose the most recent version.

STATUS: Floor Actions

09/30/96 Public Law 104-206 (10/02/96 CR D1043<)
09/20/96 Measure presented to President (9/23/96 CR H10765)
09/20/96 Enrolled Measure signed in Senate (CR S11089
09/19/96 Enrolled Measure signed in House (CR H10672)
09/17/96 Senate agreed to conference report, roll call #292 (92-8) (CR S10656)
09/16/96 Unanimous consent agreement in Senate to consider conference report on Sept. 17 (CR S10616
09/12/96 House agreed to conference report, roll call #413 (383-29) (CR H10344)
09/12/96 Full text of conference report printed (CR H10237-10329)
09/12/96 Motion to recommit conference report rejected in House (CR H10344)
09/12/96 Conference report filed in House, H Rept. 104-782 (CR 10385)
09/05/96 Motion to instruct House conferees passed House (CR H10048)
09/05/96 Conference scheduled in House (CR H10048)
07/30/96 Conference scheduled in Senate (CR S9115)
07/30/96 Measure passed Senate, amended, in lieu of S.1959, roll call #253 (93-6) (CR S9104)
07/30/96 Measure considered in Senate (CR S9104)
07/30/96 Measure called up by unanimous consent in Senate (CR S9104)
07/26/96 Placed on calendar in Senate (CR S8988)
07/25/96 Measure passed House, amended, roll call #360 (391-23) (CR H8387
07/25/96 Measure considered in House (CR H8384-8387)
07/25/96 Measure considered in House (CR H58371-H58372, H8371-8372)
07/24/96 Measure considered in House (CR H8302-8319, H8330-8371)
07/24/96 Measure called up by special rule in House (CR H8302)
07/16/96 Reported to House from the Committee on Appropriations, H. Rept. 104-679 (CR H7657)

STATUS: Detailed Legislative History

House Actions

Feb 6, 96:
Referred to the House Committee on Appropriations.
Feb 6, 96:
Referred to the Subcommittee on Energy and Water Development.
Jul 10, 96:
Forwarded by Subcommittee to Full Committee.
Jul 16, 96:
Committee Consideration and Mark-up Session Held.
Jul 16, 96:
Ordered to be Reported.
Jul 16, 96:
The House Committee on Appropriations reported an original measure, H. Rept. 104-679, by Mr. Myers.
Placed on the Union Calendar, Calendar No. 350.
Jul 18, 96:
Rules Committee Resolution H. Res. 483 Reported to House.
Jul 24, 96:
HA 1347 Amendment Offered by Representative Solomon.
HA 1347 On agreeing to the Solomon amendment (A001) Agreed to by voice vote.
HA 1348 Amendment Offered by Representative Rogers.
HA 1348 By unanimous consent, the Rogers amendment was withdrawn.
HA 1350 Amendment Offered by Representative Barton.
HA 1350 On agreeing to the Barton amendment (A004) Agreed to by voice vote.
HA 1358 Amendment Offered by Representative Bereuter.
HA 1358 On agreeing to the Bereuter amendment (A012) Agreed to by voice vote.
HA 1361 Amendment Offered by Representative Markey.
Rule H. Res. 483 passed House.
Called up by House under the provisions of rule H. Res. 483.
Considered by House as unfinished business.
Jul 25, 96:
HA 1361 On agreeing to the Markey amendments (A015) Failed by recorded vote: 138 - 278 (Roll no. 359).
Considered by House as unfinished business.
The House adopted the amendments en gross as agreed to by the Committee of the Whole House on the state of the Union.
Passed House (Amended) by Yea-Nay Vote: 391 - 23 (Roll no. 360).

Senate Actions

Jul 26, 96:
Received in the Senate. Read twice. Placed on Senate Legislative Calendar under General Orders. Calendar No. 518.
Jul 30, 96:
Measure laid before Senate by unanimous consent.
Senate struck all after the Enacting Clause and substituted the language of S. 1959 amended.
Passed Senate in lieu of S. 1959 with an amendment by Yea-Nay Vote. 93-6. Record Vote No: 253.
Jul 31, 96:
Message on Senate action sent to the House.
Sep 5, 96:
Message on House action received in Senate.
Sep 12, 96:
Conference papers: Senate report and managers' statement and message on House action held at the desk in Senate.
Sep 17, 96:
Message on Senate action sent to the House.

Conference Action(s)

Jul 30, 96:
Senate insists on its amendment asks for a conference, appoints conferees Domenici; Hatfield; Cochran; Gorton; McConnell; Bennett; Burns; Johnston; Byrd; Hollings; Reid; Kerrey; Murray.
Sep 5, 96:
On motion that the House disagree to the Senate amendment, and agree to a conference Agreed to by voice vote.
On motion that the House instruct conferees Agreed to by voice vote.
The Speaker appointed conferees: Myers, Rogers, Knollenberg, Riggs, Frelinghuysen, Bunn, Parker, Livingston, Bevill, Fazio, Chapman, Visclosky, and Obey.
Sep 11, 96:
Conferees agreed to file conference report.
Sep 12, 96:
Conference report H. Rept. 104-782 filed in House.
House Agreed to Conference Report by the Yeas and Nays: 383 - 29 (Roll No. 413).
Sep 17, 96:
Conference report considered in Senate.
Senate agreed to conference report by Yea-Nay Vote. 92-8. Record Vote No: 292.

Executive Action(s)

Sep 17, 96:
Cleared for White House.
Sep 20, 96:
Presented to President.
Sep 30, 96:
Became Public Law No: 104-206.
Signed by President.

Source: Library of Congress

Contributed by Kasey Shewey, Government Affairs Program, January 12, 1997

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