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Participants needed for Congressional Science and Technology Visits Day, April 16-17

March 26, 1997

An earlier update reported on a letter sent out by scientific society presidents calling on Congress and the President to increase support for research. AGI and eight of its member societies have signed on to that letter, lending a strong geoscience presence. Several additional science-community efforts have been planned this spring to raise awareness in Congress of the value of investing in science and technology.

We need your help to identify volunteers for the first of these -- the Science and Technology Congressional Visits Day, planned for April 16-17. The event is organized by the Science-Engineering-Technology Working Group (of which AGI is a participant) and the Coalition for Technology Partnerships to educate science and technology decisionmakers within Congress through visits with key congressional officials and their staffs. Last year's event produced hundreds of visits with key senators, representatives, and their staff.

Participants in the S&T Visits Day are asked to carry forward two core messages:

In addition, participants can advance their own messages about programs that they see as valuable examples of the federal S&T enterprise.

The first day begins with afternoon briefings by Administration officials at the Old Executive Office Building and by Congressional leaders in the Hart Senate Office Building. The second day consists of a breakfast briefing in the Hart building and then a series of visits followed by an informal debriefing in the late afternoon.

AGI believes that it is vital for geoscientists to be represented in science-community efforts if the geosciences are to be a recognizable (and valuable) element in the congressional view of "science". We are looking for several individuals interested in participating in this event. For anyone interested in science policy, it should be a good deal of fun and a great opportunity to have your voice heard in Washington. Please pass this message along to anyone you feel might be interested on short notice. Names have to be finalized by Monday, April 1st for security clearances to the Administration Briefing in the Old Executive Office Building, although it may be possible to add some individuals after that date.

We are particularly seeking geoscientists from the districts and states of key S&T decisionmakers who sit on committees such as:

Rosters of these and other key committees can be found on this site

If this event appeals to you, and you would be interested in coming to Washington, please let us know by e-mail at, phone to Kasey Shewey at (703) 379-2480 or fax (703) 379-7563.

Contributed by David Applegate, AGI Government Affairs

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