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President Clinton's Earth Science Week 2000 Message


This update was originally sent out as an e-mail message to AGI's member societies.

The following presidential message was released by the White House in recognition of Earth Science Week 2000, which extends from October 8th to 14th. The message joins proclamations issued by numerous state governors and city mayors. In it, President Clinton recognizes the stewardship role of earth and environmental scientists and applauds efforts to provide citizens, and especially students, with "a deeper appreciation for the wonder and beauty of our Earth and the talented men and women who have unlocked so many of its mysteries."

AGI thanks the president for this statement and thanks all the geoscientists who have organized the many Earth Science Week activities going on across the United States and around the world.



October 6, 2000

    Warm greetings to all those observing Earth Science Week 2000, sponsored by the American Geological Institute.

    In this new century, one of the best ways we can enhance our future is to preserve what we value of our past. Earth and environmental scientists provide us with a unique example in this endeavor. By seeking to understand the Earth's ancient mysteries, they shed valuable light on such present concerns as global climate patterns, natural disasters, and the conservation of our natural resources.

    The many geologists, geophysicists, and other earth and environmental scientists who dedicate themselves to the stewardship of Earth's fragile and precious environment make real and important contributions to our society and our world each day. I applaud the American Geological Institute for encouraging your fellow citizens, especially our young people, to learn more about the earth and environmental sciences and to consider pursuing careers in these fields. Through the various field trips, exhibits, and other activities that help bring these sciences to life, I am confident that students across our nation will experience a deeper appreciation for the wonder and beauty of our Earth and the talented men and women who have unlocked so many of its mysteries.

    Best wishes for a successful week.

Bill Clinton

Special update prepared by David Applegate, AGI Government Affairs Program

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Posted October 7, 2000

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