Government Affairs Program

AGI Government Affairs Advisory Committee

Meeting Agenda and Background Information

 Monday, November 13, 2000
Reno Hilton Room N-5
Reno, Nevada

1:30 pm     Introductions and Preliminary Business        Murray Hitzman, Committee Chair

1:45 pm    Update on Recent GAP Activities            GAP Staff 2:15 pm    Reports from Member Societies             Member Society Representatives 2:45 pm    Transition to a New Administration 3:15 pm    Break

3:30 pm    Working with the States - A Nevada Perspective    Guest Speaker: Joe Johnson

4:15 pm    Congressional Natural Hazards Caucus Developments

4:30 pm    IUGS Working Group on Public Policy

4:45 pm    Action Items/Plans for Next Meeting

5:00 pm Adjourn

Posted: November 6, 2000; Updated November 8, 2000