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        ALEXANDRIA,VA — The GeoRef (Geological References) Alert Service provides individual researchers an efficient way to keep up with new literature on their topics for as little as $7.00 per month. As updates are added to GeoRef, the most comprehensive bibliographic database in the geosciences, each subscriber’s predefined profile is run against the new references.  Subscribers to the modestly priced Alert Service may now choose to receive the new references by e-mail either every 14 days or once a month.
        The Alert Service offers subscribers a variety of options for customizing individual search profiles to fit their interests. For example, a subscriber could choose to see only English-language references published within the past three years that pertain to a particular topic and/or geographic location. Subscribers can also elect to include abstracts from meeting and journal titles.
        Once a subscriber’s profile has been defined, GeoRef runs a test to determine the average number of references in the field of interest over a period of five years. The subscriber receives a sample update by e-mail and may then refine the profile by expanding or restricting the search parameters.  After the profile is set, GeoRef e-mails the 25 most recent references on the subject area to the new subscriber and the regular Alert Service begins.
        In addition to rapid, e-mail delivery of references, the Alert Service provides continuous coverage of 3,500 journals.  Subscribers receive a discount to the GeoRef Document Delivery Service, which provides access to hard-to-find materials.
        For further information about the GeoRef Alert Service please contact Kay Yost, American Geological Institute, 4220 King Street, Alexandria, VA 22302,                           Tel. (703) 379-2480, ext. 230, E-mail:, or visit the GeoRef Web site,

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