EROS's Global Land 1-KM AVHRR Data Set Operations Plan

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Project Team Members
Receipt of AVHRR Data Tapes (Inventory)
Hardware Configuration
Browse Generation and Metadata Management (Browse Data Base)
Metadata Generation and Management (GLIS, AVPDB)
Orbital Pass Generation and Stitching
Prototype Product Generation
Data Distribution
Archive Image > EDC Archive > Tape Copies
Inventory Check Report/Coverage Plot
Partners and Station Contacts
DM Tape Label Format
DM HRPT Data Transfer Report
DM Common Error File Report
DM Archive and Processing Volume Sample Reports
DM Quality Assurance Procedures
DM Production Data Base and GLIS Schemas
CSB Problem Tape Report (9,364 bytes)
OPS Procedure Documentation
CEOS Receiving Station Codes
CEOS/EDC Header Format
USGS Shipping Memorandum
HRPT Ground Station Network
HRPT Ground Station Network Coverage Map (212,779 bytes)
Skip back 1-KM Homepage ADAPS Flowchart (20,857 bytes)
1KM Flowchart (24,679 bytes)
LPDAAC Flowchart (210,908 bytes)
Data Management LAC Plot (226,896 bytes)
June 24, 1992 Composite Plot (247,035 bytes)
June 24, 1992 Composite Image (71,667 bytes)
GLIS Graphic Plot (20,941 bytes)
Geo-Registration Process Flowchart (15,222 bytes)
Data Set Specification Sheet
Alternative Data Set Specification Sheet
Original Project Plan (February 14, 1992)
1-KM Homepage
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