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The ArcView GIS GUI

ArcView's graphical user interface (GUI) is located along the top of the active window. The GUI consists of a top row of pulldown menus (the menu bar), a row of buttons (the button bar), and a row of tools (the toolbar). Clicking menu options, buttons, and tools allows you to perform actions on your data quickly and easily. Each document type has its own set of menus, buttons, and tools. When you switch between document windows, you will notice that the GUI changes.

Below you see two of the ArcView GUIs--the view document GUI at top and the table document GUI beneath it. Notice that the view GUI has a View menu and six other pulldown menus, while the table GUI has a Table menu and five other menus. Also, notice that the table GUI has fewer buttons and only three tools on its toolbar.



ArcView GUI




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